Documentation Week .40

Week .40 Photo Notes | 1. our weekly library visit 2. busy work 3. mornings spent playing with legos 4. visits to the park 5. a little watermelon jack-o-lantern 6. long late afternoon shadows 7. fall flowers 8. diving down the rabbit hole of our genealogy and history 9. lots of puppy cuddles

Documentation Week .39

Week .39 The Redwoods Joseph B. Strauss Here, sown by the Creator’s hand. In serried ranks, the Redwoods stand: No other clime is honored so, No other lands their glory know. The greatest of Earth’s living forms, Tall conquerors that laugh at storms; Their challenge still unanswered rings, Through fifty centuries of kings. The nations […]

Documentation Week .36

Week .36 Photo Notes | 1. Fern is missing 2. our second weekend at Crystal Park, MT 3. searching sifters 4. a bright spot on a bad morning, Snowflake coming in to snuggle 5. another little bright spot, a katydid 6. searching Dillon, MT 7. this little cat, who isn’t even ours, spent a few […]

Documentation Week .32

Week .32 Photo Notes | 1. reviewing, planning and prepping what we’re doing for school 2. I really hate grasshoppers, more than most insects, but this one was a beautiful vibrant green 3. motorcycle rides for everyone 4. our first off-road bike ride 5. I enjoyed spending time one on one with each of my […]