Documentation Week .31


Week .31

Yesterday morning, after uploading all of my documentation photos, I got busy and forgot to come back and finish my weekly post. I’m slightly disappointed to break what had been a successful streak of weekly Friday postings but it’s not like I was sitting around watching TV so I guess it’s okay. Next week, it will be business as usual.

Photo Notes | 1. evening bike rides are the best, this one was 10 miles and we never made it back until after dark 2. baby Midge 3. slow mornings with lots of legos 4. late night backyard read aloud with my boys: the indian in the cupboard 5. dusty days spent remodeling the hallway 6. splash pads and park pavilions mean it’s easy to work away from home 7. new ideas and inspiration, I love new creative energy 8. another night, another bike ride 9. my little Fern pup playing

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