Documentation Week .34

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Week .34

This Friday I was out of town and posting this as usual was not an option. I think this past week will be one that stands out this year because its the week that I broke my arm, which happens to be my first broken bone ever.

On the 18th we decided to go for a bike ride. We were riding faster than ever, flying down the trail, when I made the unfortunate decision to kick the front fork of my bike because it was making a noise and I didn’t want to stop. Stupid, stupid girl. The next thing I knew I was flying over the handlebars down to the pavement where I crumpled up in a tangled heap. My husband, who was riding up ahead, heard me scream and quickly raced back while our boys sped up from behind. Nobody saw me fall but everyone knew it was bad. My husband pulled my bike off of me and lifted me to my feet. I just stood there in shock. He told me we’d have to go a little further up the trail to get to a parking lot where he could come and get me. At that point I decided that I’d get back on my bike and ride it to the trail. I needed to do it for myself, to prove that I was okay even if my left arm wouldn’t move.

Once we reached the parking lot, our older two boys waited with me while my husband and our youngest son went back for the car. I kept telling myself halfheartedly that everything was fine, this was all fine, even though I couldn’t stop crying. By eight we were seated in the ER waiting for x-rays. By eleven we’d confirmed a radial head fracture but everything else that hurt was okay. I was pretty grateful at that point knowing that things could have been so much worse. For now I have a half cast for the next four weeks while I heal. I’ll be counting down the days until I can take it off and get back on my bike again. Its an unexpected adventure to be sure.

Photo Notes | 1. the beginning of our bike ride, before it all went bad 2. my x-ray 3. Fern’s new tag 4. three little shadows enjoying the eclipse 5. crossing the border into Montana 6. pretty plant shadows dotted with tiny crescent shaped eclipse shadows 7. the path through Crystal Park 8. my favorite crystals 9. a friendly chipmunk who enjoyed pb + j

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