Documentation Week .35


Week .35

We spent five days in Montana that overlapped the last two weeks. While most kids in our area were returning to public school, ours stepped into the past and saw the wild west come to life. We observed Beaverhead Rock just as Lewis and Clark had done with Sacagawea in July of 1805 and tried our hand at panning for gold just like miners from the 1860’s. Surrounded by aged buildings and relics it was easy to imagine the men, women and children who carved out a life for themselves in the rugged Montana wilderness over 150 years ago.

Photo Notes | 1. looking in on the wild west 2. one of the many places lining the streets of Virginia City 3. running down wooden sidewalks 4. lots of s’mores around the campfire 5. learning how to play pioneer games on the streets of Nevada City 6. panning for gold and garnets 7. studio notes 8. school days 9. lettering practice

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