Documentation Week .47


Week .47

Sometimes I don’t write much here because these posts are just something that I need to check off of my list. That’s not to say they aren’t important to me anymore but rather that there are so many other things that I want to give my energy to. Most important to me recently has been working on school with my children. I love the time that I spend with them every day and the progress that they’re making. Second to that I spend a lot of time in my studio where I write, play with ideas and experiment with all kinds of different materials. I’m creating purely for my own well being and developing myself even more as an artist. Time spent as a family comes after that and yet all of these things bleed into one another until you can’t really separate them into their individual parts. This fills me with a tremendous sense of gratitude. Anyway, here are the Photo Notes from this week:

Photo Notes | 1. I’m always noticing the way the light plays, especially on bright sunny days 2. my son brought this beautiful honeybee in that he found on the sidewalk, it narrowly escaped being stepped on by a dog so he took it back outside and placed it somewhere safe 3. my children and I loaded up our bikes and went for a ten mile bike ride, I never thought we’d be out on our bikes this late in the season and I loved it 4. recently apples sliced very thin with peanut butter are my favorite snack 5. our pup likes this snack too so I always have to share 6. we did a little family craft and discussed gratitude on Thanksgiving 7. sketches for some patterns that I created 8. gathering supplies to make felt animal ornaments 9. I made a lion

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