Documentation Week .48



Week .48

Currently I feel like I’m living in a state of joy. In fact, I even love the word. Joy, joy, joy.

Joy is having a vision for Christmas and bringing it to life through your own creativity. Joy is morning snuggles, quiet story times and simple celebrations. Joy is holding hands with someone you love. Joy is the way it feels to remember someone you’ve lost and yet sense that they’re near. Joy is an unexpected helping hand around the house or while out and about. Joy is supporting another, in their own time. Joy is being bold, allowing vulnerability even if it doesn’t come easily. Joy is being married to your very best friend. Joy is sipping a hot cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer and mini marshmallows in the morning. Joy is all the classic Christmas music, celebrating the birth of baby Jesus. Joy is having the privilege of homeschooling your children. Joy is having your son choose an alligator over every other option for his birthday brownies. Joy is the freedom to be uniquely you and having others love you for it. Joy is color and light and the way it plays. Joy is a happy puppy who gives you kisses when you come home. Joy is a bike ride in November. Joy is delivered in feathers, dandelions, honeybees and other interesting discoveries. Joy is being in the moment. Joy is a hug and a kiss hello. Joy is making little felt animal ornaments. Joy is having a studio where your family comes together. Joy is feeling supported. Joy is laughing every day. Joy is time spent together. Joy is what it is to let go a little bit of the things that still hurt and allowing them to heal. Joy is warm buttered toast. Joy is having the privilege of being a mother to my children and the sense of responsibility I feel to them. Joy is having long talks with your parents about everything, a tradition that’s continued year after year. Joy is having all the memories of the years we were able to share. Joy is your favorite pair of scissors and the way it feels to make something new. Joy is this simple every day life.

Photo Notes | 1. we walked the boardwalk through a wetland where we found wooly bear caterpillars who curled up quietly in curious hands 2. a little alligator, by request. this is the hardest pattern I’ve created so far 3. our book order came 4. penny has a new coat to run around in 5. my Christmas mood board 6. while out and about we stopped to gather pinecones for our Christmas crafting 7. an early morning surprise – our Christmas tree is up, it’s glow is warm and inviting 8. happy birthday to our baby 9. what, you’ve never seen an alligator in a tiny party hat? they only wear them on special occasions and possibly only at our house


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