Documentation Week .49



Week .49

On Monday we set our usual morning routine aside and rushed about the house to get ready. The President of The United States was making a brief visit to Salt Lake and we decided, last minute, that we’d go and try to see Air Force One. Jackets, snacks and cameras were thrown together quickly before we headed towards the airport. When we got to the area we were immediately drawn into the energy of the event. Police cruisers with lights going blocked off the street. We stood with strangers as the time for Air Force One to land approached. With our eyes to the sky we searched for the iconic bright blue and then suddenly there it was flying towards us. It touched down with a roar. The President was here!

Thirty minutes passed while we stood waiting, hoping to see his motorcade, and at least one of us was ready to go home. No amount of hopping in place or huddling together was going to change the fact that it was 35 degrees outside and we were freezing. When we saw the Highway Patrol cruisers start coming we knew it was almost time. At least ten units went by followed by a few more security vehicles before we saw the Presidential limos come down the drive. Cameras were forgotten as the President passed. He waved with a smile and offered a thumbs up and in return we enthusiastically did the same. The motorcade included dozens of law enforcement vehicles, various vans for the press and special guests, several Secret Service SUV’s, two ambulances and an armored truck. It was amazing to see how many people were involved in coordinating a single three hour visit. All politics aside, the opportunity to greet the President of The United States was amazing and I recognize it as an opportunity many Americans may never have. I’m grateful that I was able to share this moment with my boys and I hope it’s one they never forget.

Photo Notes | 1. the cats have decided that underneath the tree is their favorite place to be 2. waiting for Air Force One 3. the only good shot I got of the President waving although he had passed right by us and we saw him clearly through his window, that’s what happens when you’re too caught up in the moment I guess 4. the most beautiful book that I gifted to myself this holiday season 5. polar bear pieces 6. a finished polar bear, I’m still working to perfect the pattern 7. the boys busy at work researching polar bears 8. they made life sized polar bear paws 9. measuring, ripping and pasting to create their polar bear paws

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