Documentation Week .52


Week .52

While I’ve done a lot of personal reflection regarding the last year I haven’t come back to wrap things up here. How do I look back when I’m caught up in the momentum of moving forward? Anyway, I just wanted to note how much I appreciate the weekly ritual of this project and the opportunity it’s given me to look at my life in a new way. Of course, not everything makes it to the internet and there are many things not included here but in my own way, privately, I’ve documented those things too. All together it feels like a very special gift, a celebration of life being lived.

Photo Notes | 1. Cleo enjoyed a season of sleeping under the tree 2. a little lion ornament that I made finally hung on the tree 3. I want a hippopotamus for Christmas 4. a very happy birthday celebration at midnight  5. birthday gifts 6. the warm glow of winter firelight 7. mother alligators carry their babies in their mouths like this 8. nesting owls 9. dumping out the stockings

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