Documentation Week .14

Week .14 After an amazing long weekend wandering the desert I spent most of this week working on reopening my Etsy shop and expanding within this space. Supplies are arriving and production is in progress. It’s a busy but exciting time. Photo Notes | 1. Fern + I wandered for miles across the red sand […]

Documentation Week .13

Week .13 This space will soon be expanding as new projects and ideas take shape. I’m looking forward with optimism to the work ahead, grateful to have a vision. Photo Notes | 1. workshop planning session 2. a familiar path 3. noticing signs of Spring 4. a duck eggshell 5. neighbors 6. cacti found close […]

Documentation Week .11

Week .11 While sitting barefoot on the bank of Little Cottonwood Creek I quietly observed the wonder in my son’s eyes as he hopped from rock to rock, his shadow stretching long in the late afternoon sun. I didn’t mind that we were both wet and dirty from walking downstream. We were together, engaged in […]

Documentation Week .10

Week .10 Happiness is experimenting with all kinds of supplies and making art just because. It’s color, inspiration, new ideas and the feel of your favorite pen. Happiness is slow mornings spent together and afternoons spent engaged in all kinds of activity. It’s packages on the porch, sunshine, birds and the sense of Spring. Happiness […]

Documentation Week .09

Week .09 This was a busy week full of outings and activities which left little time to set up our new creative space or work much in the studio. Mornings were spent studying, free writing, planning and brainstorming as I looked forward to March, grateful that February would finally be over. I’m engaged in learning […]

Documentation Week .07

Week .07 I’m struggling creatively. Even though I know this ebb and flow is part of the process, it’s never convenient and it frustrates my plans. Meanwhile, I still show up every day and do what I can: sketch, write, explore different mediums, play with my children, take walks and faithfully wait. Photo Notes || […]

Documentation Week .06

Week .06 This week I’ve struggled with distractions. Did I make much art? No. I lack the discipline to resist the opportunity to go outside when it’s 55 and slightly sunny after weeks of snow. Imagine me bursting out the door, arms stretched eagerly toward the sun. I practically fell down in worship of it’s […]