Documentation Week .39

Week .39 The Redwoods Joseph B. Strauss Here, sown by the Creator’s hand. In serried ranks, the Redwoods stand: No other clime is honored so, No other lands their glory know. The greatest of Earth’s living forms, Tall conquerors that laugh at storms; Their challenge still unanswered rings, Through fifty centuries of kings. The nations […]

Documentation Week .36

Week .36 Photo Notes | 1. Fern is missing 2. our second weekend at Crystal Park, MT 3. searching sifters 4. a bright spot on a bad morning, Snowflake coming in to snuggle 5. another little bright spot, a katydid 6. searching Dillon, MT 7. this little cat, who isn’t even ours, spent a few […]

Documentation Week .32

Week .32 Photo Notes | 1. reviewing, planning and prepping what we’re doing for school 2. I really hate grasshoppers, more than most insects, but this one was a beautiful vibrant green 3. motorcycle rides for everyone 4. our first off-road bike ride 5. I enjoyed spending time one on one with each of my […]

Documentation Week .31

Week .31 Yesterday morning, after uploading all of my documentation photos, I got busy and forgot to come back and finish my weekly post. I’m slightly disappointed to break what had been a successful streak of weekly Friday postings but it’s not like I was sitting around watching TV so I guess it’s okay. Next […]

Documentation Week .30

It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything more than Photo Notes for these weekly documentation posts but today I’d like to talk about a few things that won’t show up in the photos. After literally months of consideration I decided to delete my Twitter and Facebook accounts this week. I haven’t been actively using […]