Documentation Week .21

Week .21 Photo Notes | 1. 325-350 million year old plant fossils we found on an evening adventure. 2. hiking – not the most appropriate footwear 3. this blue-bellied lizard was sleeping beneath a rock along the way 4. work in progress 5. a huge red rose that I came home to 6. currently reading […]

Documentation Week .20

Week .20 Summer is almost here. For the last few years Summers have meant the start of a busy market booth season and while I’ve had a lot of success there I knew that I wanted this year to be different. I want to focus on building up my portfolio and seeking out new opportunities. […]

Documentation Week .19

Week .19 In a lot of ways, this week was a struggle. I felt “at my limit” most days and required a lot of extra self care and quiet time. That being said, I did recognize the bright spots. So, while not every day felt good there was good in every day. Photo Notes | […]

Documentation Week .18

Week .18 This week I’m reminded of how important it is to be rooted within your own truth. You have to ask yourself, “What’s real and present?” Then continually seek to engage with that and let go of everything else. Photo Notes | 1. one tiny turtle, two tiny hands 2. dandelions are in full […]

Documentation Week .17

Week .17 Photo Notes | 1. a caterpillar habitat built for observation 2. tulips 3. playing outside on rainy days 4. exploring a new path we didn’t really like 5. experimenting with different mediums to create the right texture 6. enjoying lunch out with my boys 7. just finished reading 8. 120 new crayons 9. […]

Documentation Week .16

Week .16 Eleven years ago I became a mother. In those first hazy days, just after the birth of my baby, I remember thinking that for the first time in my life I knew what my arms were for – to hold and protect this tiny being who had so dramatically changed me. I hold […]

Documentation Week .14

Week .14 After an amazing long weekend wandering the desert I spent most of this week working on reopening my Etsy shop and expanding within this space. Supplies are arriving and production is in progress. It’s a busy but exciting time. Photo Notes | 1. Fern + I wandered for miles across the red sand […]

Documentation Week .13

Week .13 This space will soon be expanding as new projects and ideas take shape. I’m looking forward with optimism to the work ahead, grateful to have a vision. Photo Notes | 1. workshop planning session 2. a familiar path 3. noticing signs of Spring 4. a duck eggshell 5. neighbors 6. cacti found close […]