Documentation Week .31

Week .31 Yesterday morning, after uploading all of my documentation photos, I got busy and forgot to come back and finish my weekly post. I’m slightly disappointed to break what had been a successful streak of weekly Friday postings but it’s not like I was sitting around watching TV so I guess it’s okay. Next […]

Documentation Week .30

It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything more than Photo Notes for these weekly documentation posts but today I’d like to talk about a few things that won’t show up in the photos. After literally months of consideration I decided to delete my Twitter and Facebook accounts this week. I haven’t been actively using […]

Documentation Week .29

Week .29 Photo Notes | 1. initial sketches and colors 2. lots of tiny butterflies I saw on a day trip 3. Cleopatra on my scanner, her new favorite spot to sleep 4. bike ride to the library at sunset 5. test cutting artwork 6. “draw me a lion” 7. Fern, who’s had to stay […]

Documentation Week .28

Week .28 Photo Notes | 1. homemade suckers 2. our sunflowers are blooming 3. coffee time and sketches 4. smores all day 5. my boys’ had their first market booth and did amazing, they worked the booth all on their own and made enough money to feel rich 6. backyard lights and patio dancing 7. […]

Documentation Week .27

Week .27 Photo Notes | 1. Little Golden Book notebooks for my boys to sell in their Children’s Entrepreneur Market booth this weekend 2. enjoying lots of slow mornings after late nights, little rabbits are always welcome 3. new mountain bike! new helmet! 12 mile first family bike ride! 4. going strong without any training […]

Documentation Week .26

Week .26 Photo Notes | 1. midge, my darling little turtle, out enjoying the morning sun 2. a visit with bun and snowflake who are always so sweet 3. late one night my son told me that he is a snail rescuer who rescues snails from being eaten by birds and people, the twenty-three snails […]

Documentation Week .24

Week .24 Photo Notes | 1. lots of fun new work in progress 2. 60’s inspired floral sketches 3. watercolors 4. grotto falls near payson, ut 5. western tiger swallowtail butterfly 6. fern + I before she went missing 7. fern hiding in the studio 8. currently reading and absolutely loving 9. an injured baby […]