Lessons On Growth And Shedding


Throughout the course of their lives snakes undergo a continual cycle of growth and shedding. When she needs to shed snake burrows into the earth where she quietly expands and contracts until the old worn out layer she’s been wearing is released. After this work of expanding and contracting is done, she is free to slither away and continue her journey. 

Earlier this year I felt this energy – the need to shed, to let go of all of the old ways of being that no longer felt right so that I could continue my growth as both an individual and as an artist. I was in the dark though. I had no idea how to move forward or what the path would even look like. Maybe you’ve recognized this energy within yourself?


I found support early on through participation in The Profitable Artist’s Plan Challenge created by Marisa Cummings of Creative Thursday. It gave me the chance to get clarity around where I want to be going and how I’ll continue to lead a creative life. After our initial week together was over I decided to go deeper and commit to her Artful Selling program. The shifts I’ve felt have been huge! 

Not only have I been able to connect more fully with what I feel called to do, I’ve also come away with meaningful action steps to take in this new direction. The coaching I’ve been receiving has helped me to finally accept that this new way of showing up requires me to let go of some things I haven’t really wanted to before. 


Recognizing that we don’t always feel ready for growth, for letting go, is powerful. Change requires a sacrifice and oftentimes that sacrifice demands that we sit with discomfort until we can once again comfortably expand and move ourselves forward like the little snake who lives in the grass.

What have you had to give up in your life in order to move forward to something new? What currently feels like it needs to be let go of so that you can show up more fully with purpose?


For me, creatively speaking, the most significant thing I’ve chosen to let go of over the last eight weeks is the idea that how I approached my work in the past would be how I would continue to approach it in the future. I’ve recognized a calling within myself that has led me to fully embrace something completely new. I don’t even know what it will all look like yet but I’m excited to invite you along as I begin taking steps in this new direction.

I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to live and work as an artist so far and look forward to sharing more of my work with you. The best way for us to stay connected is by subscribing to my weekly Remembery newsletter where I’ll be sharing personal updates and more of what’s happening behind the scenes. I’ve also created a new Instagram account for daily updates and I hope we can connect with one another there as well.

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