Summer Solstice

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Today is the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year. I like to pause here mid-year to reset and connect with the energy of reflection, celebration, and manifestation that the Summer Solstice offers. For me, the warm nurturing light of the sun provides an opportunity for new growth and deeper healing as things are brought fully into the light. I’m excited to share with you how I’m engaging with this energy this week and invite you to join me in the process.



The practice of reflection offers us the opportunity to see things in a new way, to appreciate where we’ve been and to recognize where we want to be going. To remember everything that’s happened since January I like to read back through my journal and scroll through the photos on my phone. While I look back, I keep some questions in mind: 

  • What brought the most joy? 
  • When was I the happiest?
  • What were my biggest accomplishments?
  • Which parts felt hard?
  • What hurt me?
  • Who did I enjoy connecting with?
  • Who would I like to connect with more?
  • What still needs work?
  • What’s ready to be released?


I also like to enter into this practice of reflection with gratitude and usually make a list as I go along of all of the things I’m grateful for. I try to be really specific with it as well. Sure, I’m grateful for my home and family but what is it really about those things that mean the most to me right now and why?



Celebration is an outward expression of joy filled gratitude. I don’t think you need something big to celebrate. Sometimes it’s really about noticing and elevating the little things. I also believe that the best celebrations are simple and don’t require Pinterest party boards. It’s really about the intention and making the effort to highlight something that holds meaning for you or someone you love. What’s taken shape for you since the beginning of the year that you’d like to celebrate now? How could you cultivate more celebrations into your every day life going forward? What would that look like for you?



The practice of manifestation allows you to look ahead and decide what you want to bring about before the end of the year. Are the goals and intentions you set in January still on track? Do they still align with who you are or do you feel called in a different direction? What do you want most to have, see, or do by the end of the year? Write these things down, visualize yourself doing them, then begin taking daily action towards your goals. Working with the energy of the sun helps to move things forward and refocuses your energy.

One of my intentions is to reconnect with my creative practice in a focused way. I feel like I’m always finding ways to engage creatively but when you’re hopping from one thing to another you’re not able to fully develop your practice. I’m not sure yet how this will take shape but I’m creating space and making time for it to unfold.

What would you like to bring about in your life right now? What’s been on your mind for a long time that you’re finally ready to take action on? Let me know in the comments below and then let’s do those things together!

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