Hi, my name is Kagan and I’m an artist, writer, and genealogist located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I create illustrations using cut tissue paper collage in a process that is very hands-on and multi-layered. I use my illustrations in the creation of memory journals as well as physical goods that are available in my shop.

Recently, I’ve also started to work with glass to make custom commissioned pieces that incorporate old documents and photographs. This is a new direction for my work that is still developing and I look forward to sharing more of the process with you.

Aside from my work as an artist I’m also in the process of becoming a certified genealogist after years of doing it as a hobby. This work requires extensive research and writing skills – both of which I really love. My intention is to use these skills and my experience to help you connect more fully with the stories of your ancestors in a way that is both creative and deeply meaningful.

One of my favorite ways to do this is through monthly memory journaling work around a theme such as “home”. I believe that our memories of the past and the stories of our lives here and now are the most valuable family history record that we can create and keep. Finding ways to connect our present with the past through art, experience, and story is what I’m passionate about.

I feel so inspired by the connections that can be made and I’d love to help you along the way! 

Signing up for my weekly Studio Notes newsletter is a great way for us to stay connected. Each week I share my favorite tips and memory journaling prompts, as well as creative offerings, and a behind the scenes look into my studio. It’s one of my favorite things to share with you each week so I hope you’ll consider joining me!

Thank you so much for spending a minute here. If there’s anything I can do for you, please reach out. I’m always happy to help!

All The Best,