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My 100 Day Project 2020 | An Update

Hi friends, I just wanted to take a minute and give you a quick update on my 100 Day Project that I started back in April. After 30 posts I’ve decided stop so I can put my efforts towards some other creative goals that I have for this year. I appreciate…

My 100 Day Project 2020

Last week I began my first 100 Day Project. What I’ve chosen to do is write and illustrate 100 simple stories that I’m sharing each day on Instagram. There’s a lot of room for this project to evolve because I want to focus on creating a daily practice and experimentation. Ten…

2019 | Year in Review

Here at the end of 2019 I’m filled with so much gratitude for all that this year has been. I shared back in January about my chosen word for the year – nurture. At the time I had intended to nurture this space and my creativity but I found myself led…

2019 | Nurture

I’m here beginning again which isn’t quite the same as a new beginning because the pieces are already in place and I’m just returning. This year I’ve chosen a new word for myself: nurture To nurture something you have to give yourself to it and actively support its growth and development….

Baby Turtles

Recently I came across an advertisement from the 1950’s offering a free turtle hatchling with the purchase of a tabletop garden. I was instantly inspired by the novelty of such an offer and knew that I would have wanted one. Offers like these however ended in the 1970’s when the FDA…


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