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Summer Solstice

Today is the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year. I like to pause here mid-year to reset and connect with the energy of reflection, celebration, and manifestation that the Summer Solstice offers. For me, the warm nurturing light of the sun provides an opportunity for new growth and deeper healing as things are brought fully into the light. I’m excited to share with you how I’m engaging with this energy this week and invite you to join me in the process.   Reflection The practice of reflection offers us the opportunity to see things in a new way, to appreciate where we’ve been and to recognize where we want to be going. To remember everything that’s happened since January I like to read back through my journal

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How-To Overcome Resistance

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been trying to re-establish a daily creative practice for my work. I’ve bought new supplies, created new spaces,

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2019 | Year in Review

Here at the end of 2019 I’m filled with so much gratitude for all that this year has been. I shared back in January about

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Baby Turtles

Recently I came across an advertisement from the 1950’s offering a free turtle hatchling with the purchase of a tabletop garden. I was instantly inspired

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